We source all of our beef from an excellent and well known family run supplier in Staffordshire, UK.

You can expect to find consistent, top quality beef every time. We supply very lean mince and stewing beef and we also do a range of different steaks and beef joints for whatever the occasion.

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Beef Topside Joints

Topside is a great joint to roast. It has a small amount of fat on the top keeping it moist.
From £15.50

Beef Silverside Joints

Silverside is another great roasting joint. This joint needs cooking a little longer than topside.
From £15.50

Beef Rump Steak

The rump is packed full off flavour and is one of the cheaper steaks. Great for frying or for the BBQ.
From £3.80

Beef Mince

Our 100% beef mince is packed full of flavour. We use only the best cuts making it a very versatile product.
From £5.75

Beef Burgers

100% locally ground beef burgers all made in store
From £1.25

Beef Stewing Steak

From £6.25

Sirloin Steak

From £5.87

Fillet Steak

From £10.88